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ASAP Announces Increased Enrollments in New Administrative Professionals’ Certification Program

Portland, ME: May 5, 2016 — When the American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) launched its new Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE) program in February, administrative professionals immediately enrolled – indicating a growing need for a skill-focused, exam-based admin certification.

Addressing increased interest within the admin community in a modern, relevant Certification program, the American Society of Administrative Professionals produced the PACE Certification to give admins the credentials they needed to demonstrate mastery of critical skills and expertise. Hundreds of admins from the US and global admin community have enrolled in PACE since its launch in February 2016.

“ASAP members have been telling us for a while about the need for an up-to-date, measurable, and cost effective certification for administrative professionals,” said Judy Geller, Executive Director of ASAP. “PACE provides a meaningful, affordable, and convenient way to certify administrative professionals globally. The fact that so many have already enrolled, and have started their path to Certification, is a true indication of just how much the profession needs this credential.”

The comprehensive Certification program includes a digital Study Guide containing materials and sample test questions for each of the four Proficiency Modules. The four Proficiency Modules are: Interpersonal Communications, Task and Project Management, Computer and Internet Technology, and Management Skills.  The $349 tuition includes the Study Guide, training videos, and supplementary exam prep materials. Enrollees have the opportunity to take the exam three times to pass and earn their PACE.

Certification holders are required to complete ongoing continuing education requirements every two years to maintain their status. This ensures that the letters PACE at the end of a title will always signal mastery of the most current and relevant admin skills needed to excel in today’s corporate environment. PACE is a member of the Institute of Credentialing Excellence.

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