September 30 - October 3, 2018 | Kissimmee, Florida

EA Summit Program

Sep 29 2018
Sep 30 2018
Oct 01 2018
Oct 02 2018
Oct 03 2018

PACE Exam Prep Course (separate registration and fee)

Maximize your APC training experience with PACE Certification! Take advantage of this once a year opportunity to prepare for the PACE Exam in a live instructor-led class. Then, following the...

EA Summit Showcase Speaker: Getting a Seat at the Table – Strategies for 21st Century EAs

It's the 21st century and administrative roles have evolved significantly over the last two decades. EAs work hand-in-hand with executives in every industry. However, many of us still feel undervalued....
Shirley Davis Ph.D., CSP

EA Power Networking

Whether you are attending on your own or traveling with a team, from day one, you’ll begin making new connections with assistants from across North America and around the world...

Sneak Peek: the Technology of the Future – What’s Coming to an Office Near You (EW2)

Get ahead of the curve and raise your visibility by bringing change to your office with the latest technologies! Touch the future and try powerful new applications that connect your...
Corinne Hoisington

The Art of Executive Assistant Leadership (EW1)

Can Executive Assistants help ensure that everyone understands the priorities of their organizations? Can they support collaboration, reducing errors and misunderstandings? Can they assist in effectively driving the myriad of...
Doug Van Dyke, MBA, CSP

Get What You Want With What You’ve Got

We are all forced to do more with less – fewer staff, declining resources, and 40 hours of stuff to do in a 24-hour day. What to do? Christine is...
Christine Cashen

You Say More Than You Think

With sass and a keen eye, Janine will help you unlock trade secrets to make your first impressions count – and your daily interactions keep working for you. Known in...
Janine Driver

Adapting to the New Boss in Your Future (ES8)

It’s a good bet that there’s a “new boss” in your future. Perhaps it’s a boss of a generation (or two) younger than yours; perhaps it’s a boss of an...
Lorinda Lewis

Exploring and Assessing Project Management Tools (ES7)

Assistants around the world are absorbing project management functions into their already busy role. Corralling staff deliverables and moving tasks forward can be daunting. You may not supervise the individuals,...

Words Matter: Body Language & Statement Analysis Secrets for Executive Assistants (ES9)

Wouldn’t it be great if your verbal and non-verbal communication with executives and colleagues gave you the insight you’re looking for to get to the core of what’s important and...
Janine Driver

New Ways of Working: How to Adapt to the Changing Workplace (ES10)

Here's what's changing: the workforce, the workplace, organizational culture, and work processes. In other words, who we work with, where we work, the values and structure of the organizations we...
Laura Belgrado

Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence

Erica Dhawan is the world’s leading authority on Connectional Intelligence and the Founder & CEO of Cotential. As one of today’s most provocative business thinkers on the future of work,...
Erica Dhawan

Proactive Partnership Design: A Proven Process for Enhancing Collaborative Relationships (ES11)

In today’s hectic workplace, most people don’t have time to actively work on their relationships—until there’s a problem. Then, we’re so busy repairing the damage, we can focus on little...
Chrissy Scivicque

You Know Excel. But What Do You Know About Power Query? (hands-on) (ES12)

Clean-up that annoying data and automate and consolidate your reports in a flash! In this session, you will learn how to quickly parse out information that was brought into your...
Anne Marie DelPrincipe

Get Off My Nerves! Personality Conflicts at Work (AL5)

You know that one person at work who makes you crazy? Chances are, you make her or him crazy, too. That doesn't mean that either of you is a bad...
Laura Belgrado

Show Your True Colors (AL2)

Originally developed to identify learning styles and based on Mary Miscisin’s “Showing Your True Colors”, this program identifies your work style. Discover whether you are orange, gold, green, or blue!...
Christy Crump

If Your Life Were a Movie, How Would You Be Cast? (AL1)

Discover your ActorType and learn to let it shine. We all have unique communication styles and abilities based on both our nature and our nurture. Robyn has a unique take...
Robyn Hatcher

The Four Temperaments: Use Them to Get in Step with Those Around You (AL3)

It’s a fact. Over the long term, your professional success depends not on your technical competence, but on your ability to work well with others. We spend an inordinate amount...
Lorinda Lewis

A Deep Dive into Who You ARE, Why You DO and How You CAN (AL4)

Our behavior is shaped by what we think is right, what we think is important and what we enjoy. It is also shaped by personality traits. After an hour with...
Dawn Brackett

Summit Debriefing with Peers

The EA Summit comes full circle as you rejoin your peers to share lessons learned in the past four days, issues on your mind and what you look forward to...

EA Summit Showcase Presentation: Executive-Level Communication

Knowing how to understand and communicate with the powerful executives you report to is a critical skill for successful workplace relationships. Dale Carnegie teaches us that “When dealing with people,...
Robyn Hatcher

Change Your Mind, Change Your World

Bash left his acting career to follow his real passion – bridging cultures through media. He now traverses the globe hosting the internationally recognized TV series “Bridge the Gap” for...
Chris Bashinelli

Planning and Designing Impactful Training (EW4)

There is a tendency for people to think that if you are good at something, you will naturally be able to teach it to others. Not so! Doing something well...
Edward Jones Ed.D.

Becoming a Skilled Negotiator (EW3)

Many times we walk away from situations that affect our performance or career without getting what we want. Why? Because we don’t see the opportunity to negotiate or we are...
Dawn Brackett

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