September 30 - October 3, 2018 | Kissimmee, Florida

EA Summit Workshops

In addition to 10 exclusive EA Summit sessions, your EA Summit registration includes these 4 workshop choices:

Sunday, September 30
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

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The Art of Executive Assistant Leadership

Doug Van Dyke, CEO, Leadership Simplified

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Can Executive Assistants help ensure that everyone understands the priorities of their organizations? Can they support collaboration, reducing errors and misunderstandings? Can they assist in effectively driving the myriad of changes that are continually being thrust upon their organizations? Absolutely! Organizations and executives need well-rounded leaders across the organization. This immersive workshop filled with learning activities was crafted for you by leadership development expert and executive coach Doug Van Dyke explores how you impact your organization’s culture and morale. He helps you communicate in a leadership role more effectively, drive change and overcome obstacles. If you want to learn and laugh, and grow in the process, this program is for you! Learn how you can:

 •  Impact the culture, morale and outcomes of an organization.

 •  Effectively communicate organizational priorities and lead others to enhanced execution.

 •  Differentiate leadership behaviors from management behaviors.

 •  Drive change and create buy-in.

Sneak Peek the Technology of the Future
What’s Coming to an Office Near You (hands-on)

Corinne Hoisington, Professor of IT, Central Virginia Community College

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Get ahead of the curve and raise your visibility by bringing change to your office with the latest technologies! Touch the future and try powerful new applications that connect your team in new ways, including the latest Microsoft apps like Microsoft Flow to automate form approvals and other office processes, and Microsoft Sway to build interactive reports. Windows continues to push upgrades twice a year, so learn about the latest updates that keep everything moving smoothly. The future is filled with new ways to conduct business that include artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and updated privacy measures. Be the first in your office to see the latest technology for conducting holographic virtual meetings using Skype and Mixed Reality too! This is hands-on workshop so bring your laptops and smartphones.

Wednesday, October 3
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Becoming a Skilled Negotiator

Dawn Brackett, Founder, Executive Coach, BrackettSpeaks

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Many times we walk away from situations that affect our performance or career without getting what we want. Why? Because we don’t see the opportunity to negotiate or we are uncomfortable with negotiation. Dawn illuminates what skilled negotiators know that you can use to make a difference in your job (and in your life.) From seeing negotiation opportunities to planning a negotiation like the pro’s do, you’ll get a game plan for negotiating more effectively. Negotiation isn’t about winning or getting your way; good negotiators seek a win-win outcome.— understanding others’ POV and your BATNA are critical first steps in that direction. Learn:

 •  To use a simple but effective negotiation planner that raises your chance of success.

 •  To state your case assertively without being so demanding that you alienate others.

  • 5 observable negotiation techniques you can apply in every situation.

 •  To side-step common mistakes that sabotage your success and ploys that others may try to use against you.

Planning and Designing Impactful Training

Dr. Edward Jones, President, Management Training Consultants, Inc.

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There is a tendency for people to think that if you are good at something, you will naturally be able to teach it to others. Not so! Doing something well and effectively teaching someone else to do it are two different skills. This fast paced, interactive and fun workshop by Train the Trainer expert, Ed Jones, gives you the foundation to develop more effective training with the proven techniques that professional trainers use before, during and after training sessions. From adult learning principles to designing, delivering and evaluating training, we’ll focus on Trainer Led and Participant Fed training. Filled with practice exercises, this workshop delivers techniques that ensure more successful outcomes with high impact. You’ll learn:

 •  How adult learning principles and learner-centered training stimulate learning

 •  A 4 step training model and the key elements in training design

 •  The do’s and don’t of training delivery with quick tips on becoming a better trainer

 •  How to design an action plan for future use

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