September 22 - 25, 2019 | New Orleans, Louisiana

A Message to Managers

Essential training at an extraordinary value — all at one time, all in one place

The APC offers exceptional value by combining admin training, networking, and career development opportunities into one cost-effective event – today’s #1 conference for Administrative Professionals. Your admin will return to her or his job refreshed, motivated, feeling valued by your organization, and armed with the latest tools and techniques needed to achieve top productivity.

Today’s Administrative Professionals must be multi-skilled, versatile, and able to adapt to new roles and greater responsibilities. Invest in their success and make sure they remain among your organizations’ most vital assets. The APC provides the training they need to increase their productivity, upgrade their skills, and ultimately reduce turnover, foster enthusiasm, and ensure their long-term success.

Sending them to the APC will benefit you, your admins, and your company by:

  • Upgrading current skills and mastering the new ones
  • Motivating them to set higher goals and achieve exceptional results
  • Helping them take initiative, anticipate needs and develop a strong admin/manager partnership
  • Inspiring superior performance
  • Teaching leadership and influence in the workplace
  • Empowering them, instilling confidence, and encouraging a can-do attitude
  • Heightening creative and analytical skills to generate better solutions and decisions
  • Increasing their ability to collaborate up, down, and across the organization
  • Exposing them to an outstanding peer network
  • Increasing confidence, recognition, and visibility
  • Encouraging them to share what they’ve learned when they return to the office

Your admins will return refreshed, motivated, energized, and feeling valued by you and their organization.

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Before the event

You and your admin(s) can review the workshops together, choosing the learning sessions most relevant to their development goals.

During the event

In addition to learning new skills, admins thrive in the atmosphere of professionalism this conference provides. As important, the APC gives them the opportunity to develop a solid resource network, along with fresh insights gained from peer-to-peer networking with high-level admins from around the world.

After the event

Your gifted employees will return to work energized and better prepared to take on increasingly complex challenges and responsibilities.

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