September 19-22, 2021 I Hyatt Regency Chicago | Chicago, IL

50 Ways to Win People Over and Have Them Say, “Wow!”

September 20, 2021
3:30 pm

50 Ways to Win People Over and Have Them Say, “Wow!”

The ability to impress everyone who interacts with you (even when they are distressed) is an important skill that makes you extremely valuable. From making a good first impression and leaving a lasting one to building your brand as a problem-solver and someone who gets results, this session shares simple tips and techniques for consistently winning rave reviews for what you do and how you do it.

  • Learn how to read people and what their non-verbal clues are telling you
  • Identify what everyone wants so you can give it to them and get what YOU need
  • Discover the best approaches to dealing with difficult people and resolving even the toughest issues

Speaker: Lee Silber, Lead Trainer, Creative-Lee Speaking

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