9 Tips and Tricks to Elevate Your Google Workspace Expertise

Oct 24 2023

1:30 PM - 2:45 PM MT

Did you know that “snoozing” on the job is encouraged? Learn this time management tip along with other useful tips & tricks in Google Workspace. Want to learn a fast method for turning an email into a task or calendar item? Or how to get notified if someone changes a shared spreadsheet?

“Whoops! I didn’t mean to hit send!” Or isn’t it a drag when you accidentally close that Chrome tab? You’ll discover nine techniques that will make work faster and more enjoyable. And don’t be surprised if you learn “bonus” tips!

You Will Learn:

  • When “snoozing” is encouraged, easy to find your email for later.
  • Need to create a poll/survey? Use Google forms
  • Advanced Search: Find that email!
  • Turn an email into a task or calendar item in seconds
  • Save email attachments to Drive without leaving Gmail
  • Whoop’s! I didn’t mean to hit SEND!
  • Notify me! How do I know if the spreadsheet has been changed?
  • Whoop’s! I didn’t mean to close that tab in Chrome!
  • How do I mark on my calendar that I’m unavailable for just a couple of hours?
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