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An Evolving Profession: How to Stay at the Top of the EA Game

Sep 11 2022

12:45 PM - 1:45 PM EDT

It’s not only the technology and tools that we use that are rapidly evolving: workplaces, organizational practices and culture, and industries have all changed significantly just within the past few years. Our profession is evolving as well, and it is crucial that we stay ahead of the curve to compete in fast-paced, changing markets. Take a deep-dive into the industry’s changes and what you can do to future-proof your career.
Learning Objectives:
• Explore the mindset shift needed to evolve with the profession.
• Discover industry trends, best practices, and key processes you need to help you stay sharp
• Learn the tangible steps needed to pivot and maximize your career development fully


Melissa Peoples

Admin Gurus

- EA Coach and Trainer, Founder

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