September 13-16, 2020 I Wherever You Are

Assert Yourself with Confidence

Track 4: Core Competencies

Assert Yourself with Confidence

Being assertive doesn’t mean being pushy–or overly accommodating; it does mean having the confidence 

to speak up directly and honestly while still respecting the views of others. This session leads you to examine where you are currently and how you are most likely perceived by others. Then, you’ll get interpersonal tools and techniques for becoming more confident in your assertiveness and improving your ability to deal effectively with disagreements and gain the outcomes you want. 

  • Where are you on the passive-assertive-aggressive continuum?
  • 8 ways your listening skills and body language can reinforce your assertiveness
  • Communication formulas for speaking directly and assertively–even when you are saying “no”
  • Techniques for staying composed and dealing with an aggressive person
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