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Collaborative Leadership Strategies for Today’s EA

Sep 12 2022

1:30 PM - 2:45 PM EDT

Veracruz B


Gone are the days when leaders commanded and controlled, and departments worked in silos with little communication or cooperation among them. Today, effective executives with formal authority over others recognize that a team-centric approach that cultivates engagement, empowerment, participatory decision-making, and accountability gets the best results. That’s good news for EA leaders who seek to work with and influence others up, down, and across the organization. Get tools for mastering these five essential skills for a more collaborative leadership approach: trust, transparency, communication, inclusion, and openness.

Learning Objectives:

  • establish the mindset and qualities of a collaborative leader
  • nurture group cohesion while avoiding the pitfalls of groupthink
  • design and facilitate effective group dialogue and decision-making


Starla West

Starla West International

- Executive Coach, President

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