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Communicate with Confidence & Authenticity

Sep 11 2022

8:30 AM - 3:30 PM EDT

Coronado J


Ineffective communication is at the root of many organization’s decline, and, many leaders’. There is nothing like preparing valuable information and sharing it, only to find that your message was not clear, you were misunderstood, and lost credibility in the process. As someone in the leadership circle, you know the importance of effective communication. Becoming a more confident and authentic communicator starts with a realistic assessment of your own “voice” and communication style and an understanding of how to adapt that style to others. Communication has the power to convince your executive and your team to trust your leadership and to support you 100% every day. You have something valuable to say and we want to help you say it! Explore strategies to communicate with confidence and authenticity, like:

  • How to sharpen communication skills to build relationships and resolve conflicts
  • Key tools superior communicators use to speak with confidence and authenticity
  • Ways to identify and bridge communication gaps


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