EA Summit

Sep 11 2022

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EDT

This exclusive EA-tailored, one-day program is designed for senior-level admins & EAs looking for targeted, advanced leadership training. This add-on will include exclusive workshops, advanced sessions, and networking.

A Seat at the Table: 7 Keys to Catapulting Your Career

If you are ambitious, assertive and desire to earn your seat at the leadership table, don’t miss this presentation! Sometimes, the skills that served you well earlier in your career will require a different lens or a “new” way of getting the job done, helping you modify behaviors that can enhance your credibility, increase your visibility and help you to advance your career! It takes more than self-confidence, more than job expertise, to land a seat at the table. EAs who want to advance into leadership roles will explore that elusive quality known as “executive presence” …and more. Everything that you need to earn a seat at the table is within reach!  

Hear how to:

  • Manage your role with grace even under fire
  • Carry yourself with a powerful and purposeful disposition
  • Foster others’ deep confidence in you

An Evolving Profession: How to Stay at the Top of the EA Game

It’s not only the technology and tools that we use that are rapidly evolving: workplaces, organizational practices and culture, and industries have all changed significantly just within the past few years. Our profession is evolving as well, and it is crucial that we stay ahead of the curve to compete in fast-paced, changing markets. Take a deep-dive into the industry’s changes and what you can do to future-proof your career. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the mindset shift needed to evolve with the profession.
  • Discover industry trends, best practices, and key processes you need to help you stay sharp
  • Learn the tangible steps needed to pivot and maximize your career development fully

Leadership: From Curiosity to Growth

It is great to be curious about the latest leadership trends and to consider the behaviors of stellar leaders, but how do you actually apply those and grow? Explore the ten most sought-after leadership attributes in the world today. Not surprisingly, a leader’s technical ability and intellectual prowess aren’t what makes them exceptional when it comes to operational execution. Learn valuable concepts such as: Connecting vs. Communicating, Hearing What’s Not Being Said, Presence as a Present, and more! Hone your skills along your leadership journey. Walk away with:  

  • Specific action items and tangible next steps to put the 10 principles into practice
  • Expanded interpersonal skills that leave others engaged and motivated
  • Tools you can use to take the next step in your leadership journey

The EA’s Role in Strategic Planning & Management

EAs are in a key position as they support and contribute to strategic activities within their organizations. Yet, rarely, do they receive training on the strategic process and how it aligns with organizational goals. This session hands you the essentials you need. Examine how strategy efforts unfold, the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders and the effective use of tools and techniques in the planning, execution and management of strategies. You’ll walk away with the ability to:

  • Identify the stages of strategy development: strategic planning, strategy implementation and strategy management and understand common terms, phrases and documents.
  • Support and provide meaningful contributions to strategy efforts.
  • Introduce techniques to help the organization elevate its success in achieving strategic goals and initiatives.
  • Recognize common challenges associated with strategy work and respond to them.

The Executive Assistant as a Key Organizational Strategist

The 21st century EA operates at the center of operations and the pinnacle of corporate leadership in the C-suite. Supporting key decision-makers who have their heads, hands, and hearts on the pulse of every strategic decision requires an understanding of strategic thinking, planning, and execution. In this session, we’ll build a foundation of strategic concepts and address the attributes and competencies of successful organizational strategists. Learn how to:

  • Demonstrate strategic influence, knowledge, power, and ethics in decision-making
  • Develop strategic conversations to effectively partner and collaborate with senior executives
  • Build vertical and horizontal networks and strategic partnerships
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