September 13 - 16, 2020 | Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Great Expectations: Board Management and Relations

September 23, 2019
1:45 pm - 3:00 pm

Great Expectations: Board Management and Relations

Expectations of boards are high, and your contributions to the board’s success are also held to a high standard. You need to communicate effectively and produce quality meeting packages in addition to navigating sensitive situations and maintaining confidentiality. While reporting structures vary, you’re likely accountable to a number of stakeholders. Relationship management skills are key to your success. You’re constantly collaborating with directors, C-level colleagues and their EAs. Technical skills aside, it’s your emotional and cultural intelligence that help you secure deliverables, produce relevant meeting packages in a timely manner and gain stakeholders’ respect. Learn to manage relationships and expectations, and get the job done through influence rather than authority.

  • Establish and maintain credibility, trust and confidence through the quality of your communications, meetings and board packages.
  • Identify best practices for communicating with a board.
  • Effectively manage relationships and expectations.

Learn from experience. We’ll consider a case study on getting those deliverables on time and in the appropriate format, even though you’re neither a director nor an executive.

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