September 19-22, 2021 I Hyatt Regency Chicago | Chicago, IL

W7 – Happier YOU: Neuroscience Hacks for Happiness & Success

September 22, 2021
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Regency C

W7 – Happier YOU: Neuroscience Hacks for Happiness & Success

From performing at your peak, to achieving success happily and sustainably, to future-proofing your career amidst powerful forces reshaping the work landscape, all these share one secret: Your truly happy and healthy human brain. The good news is you don’t need to be a neuroscientist to learn how to train and unleash the full power of your precious brain. This workshop shares the three basic neuroscience principles that every highly-motivated professional must know and shows you how to develop habits that uplevel your happiness and transform your performance. You’ll leave with a happier brain and a happier you, and new true connections formulated through meaningful and interactive activities, PLUS get a bonus take-home guide: Brain-Based Questions for Taming Negativity and Hardwiring Happiness.

You’ll learn:

  • the formula with neuroscience hacks that rewires our brains for positivity, happiness and success and that future-proofs your career
  • hands on brain-training practices that develop your mental muscle
  • how to make a true connection with peers through meaningful and interactive activities
  • how to uncover and examine your unique gifts, life purpose, true passion, and core values to step into your Happiness Infinity (HI) Zone.
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