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How to Onboard New Colleagues (Even Executives!)

Sep 14 2022

1:30 PM - 4:30 PM EDT

Coronado J


EAs and admins are often asked to help train new admins and help new executives settle into their role”. But many find themselves winging it – with no admin-specific or EA-Executive partnership onboarding guidance provided to them. Without proper support for newcomers at their start, they’re less likely to adapt smoothly to their role, the people and culture of their new environment. Done right, onboarding goes beyond a few hours or days of orientation or brain-dump meetings. A well-planned and executed onboarding process can have a significant impact for new colleagues and a positive cultural impact for the organization as a whole. Understanding shifts in worker demographics and career norms, we’ll also take a look at attitudes and actions to consider ahead of a change in executive or principal in the near future.

Learning Objectives:

  • How assistants can add value & put effective systems in place
  • Collaborating on the structure of your onboarding program
  • Preparing yourself to effectively onboard a new executive

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Shelagh Donnelly


- Founder

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