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Deep Dive: Leadership- From Curiosity to Growth

Sep 11 2022

9:45 AM - 11:45 AM EDT

It is great to be curious about the latest leadership trends and to consider the behaviors of stellar leaders, but how do you actually apply those and grow? Explore the ten most sought-after leadership attributes in the world today. Not surprisingly, a leader’s technical ability and intellectual prowess aren’t what makes them exceptional when it comes to operational execution. Learn valuable concepts such as: Connecting vs. Communicating, Hearing What’s Not Being Said, Presence as a Present, and more! Hone your skills along your leadership journey. Walk away with:
• Specific action items and tangible next steps to put the 10 principles into practice
• Expanded interpersonal skills that leave others engaged and motivated
• Tools you can use to take the next step in your leadership journey


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