September 19-22, 2021 I Hyatt Regency Chicago | Chicago, IL

Managing Risk as the Project Lead

September 20, 2021
10:45 am - 12:00 pm
Plaza Ballroom

Managing Risk as the Project Lead

Whenever you step into a leadership role on a project, there are risks. As the project lead, one of your first tasks is to consider: What is there risk – positive OR negative? How might we get off track? Uncertainties are part of every project, and part of your job is to anticipate them and have a strategy in place to address them. Get practical steps for identifying, assessing and responding to potential issues related to budget, deadlines, delays, errors and more.


  • The role risk plays in effective project management
  • Risk management best practices and strategies for resolving challenges
  • How to create a solid risk response plan for both opportunities and threats

Speaker: Varun Anand, CEO, Founder, PMP Trainer, EduHubSpot

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