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Deep Dive: Mastering the Art of Administrative Leadership

As a seasoned administrative professional, your role continues to rapidly evolve and change. While many of these changes are driven by advances in technology, others are being influenced by the increased demands on the leaders you support. A solid foundation in leadership skills will mirror your executive’s skills so that you can support them strategically–far […]

The Executive Assistant as a Key Organizational Strategist

The 21st century EA operates at the center of operations and the pinnacle of corporate leadership in the C-suite. Supporting key decision-makers who have their heads, hands, and hearts on the pulse of every strategic decision requires an understanding of strategic thinking, planning, and execution. In this session we’ll build a foundation of strategic concepts […]

An Evolving Profession: How to Stay at the Top of the EA Game

It’s not only the technology and tools that we use that are rapidly evolving: workplaces, organizational practices and culture, and industries have all changed significantly just within the past few years. Our profession is evolving as well, and it is crucial that we stay ahead of the curve to compete in fast-paced, changing markets. Take […]

Deep Dive: Leadership- From Curiosity to Growth

It is great to be curious about the latest leadership trends and to consider the behaviors of stellar leaders, but how do you actually apply those and grow? Explore the ten most sought-after leadership attributes in the world today. Not surprisingly, a leader’s technical ability and intellectual prowess aren’t what makes them exceptional when it […]

Showcase Presentation: A Seat at the Table – 7 Keys to Catapulting Your Career

If you are ambitious, assertive and desire to earn your seat at the leadership table, don’t miss this presentation! Sometimes, the skills that served you well earlier in your career will require a different lens or a “new” way of getting the job done, helping you modify behaviors that can enhance your credibility, increase your […]