Mastering Excel’s VLOOKUP & More!

Advanced Spending too much time manipulating spreadsheets and pairing the right information in tables you use? VLOOKUP gets you there faster. And, if you use VLOOKUP regularly, there are newer options you won’t want to miss. In this session, we will explore the functionality of VLOOKUP, and compare it with INDEX and MATCH, FILTER, XLOOKUP, […]

The Best Overlooked Zoom Features

Most of us are still recovering from Zoom fatigue brought on by too many back-to-back video chats at the height of the pandemic. That doesn’t mean that Zoom is going away as a common business tool. Remote work and collaboration will be with us for the foreseeable future. As both creators and participants, savvy assistants […]

So You Got the Interview! Activate Powerful Preparation Tips

Advanced Congratulations! You landed an interview at an enticing job. Now what? It’s time to prepare to showcase your talents, expertise, and experience for a marathon of interviews and a gauntlet of questions about every aspect of your career. Learn how to prepare for your next interview with confidence and a personalized action plan. Find […]

Master the New World of Work: The Remote/Hybrid Work Culture

Remote/hybrid work is here to stay- are you ready? This presentation highlights the challenges which arise in the ‘work-from-home’ environment and how to overcome them. You’ll do a deep dive into how to create your best workspace, manage interruptions, foster positive habits (even when no one is looking), and keep your work-life integration in check […]

Inside the Boardroom: Exploring Governance for EAs

Whether you’re exploring career opportunities related to governance, already supporting a board, or simply curious about how board roles intersect with executive leadership, this session takes you inside the boardroom, beginning with a look at the foundations of good governance. Examine emerging governance priorities that affect boards and learn what’s expected of governance professionals – […]