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The Administrative Professionals Conference recognizes that AmyCampbell has completed the following sessions:
Google is So Much More than Search and Email! Unlock the Power of Google Workspace
The One Day MBA
Innovation Hub: The Future of Admin Work: as Your Trusty AI Sidekick
APC Orientation
Innovation Hub: Leverage AI as an Admin – Practical AI Tools and Examples for Administration Professionals
Keynote: How to Have Conversations That Matter
Keynote Meet & Greet: Celeste Headlee
AI in Action – How Innovative Assistants are Harnessing the Power of AI
Excelling at Excel: Practical Skills for Daily Use
Presenting Presentations: How to Build Effective Presentations
Demystifying AI: Empowering Administrative Professionals
Thought Leader Session: Managing the Executive
Keynote: Reaffirming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – How Difference Can Make a Difference
Take Your Executive Assistant Career to New Heights
How to Position Yourself as an EA Influencer with LinkedIn
Leadership Principles for Administrative Team Leads and EA Managers
Learning Project Management from a Pizzeria
Think Tank Roundtable: Mental Health & Burnout
Think Tank Roundtable: Career Development
Think Tank Roundtable: Organizational Change
Think Tank Roundtable: Technology
Thought Leader Session: The Serious Business of Positive Emotions – Tools for High Performance
Explore AI Trends Impacting Administrative Professionals
50 Microsoft Shortcuts for YOU
Strategic Scheduling: Advanced Calendar Planning Techniques for Assistants
Leveling Up from Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Assistant
Taking It Back Home: The ROI of the Conference
Keynote: Unstoppable Resilience: Staying Strong During any Challenge
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