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The Administrative Professionals Conference recognizes that ShamikaWilliams has completed the following sessions:
PACE Prep Course
Keynote: How to Have Conversations That Matter
Innovation Hub: Intro to Maestro – the AI Calendar for EAs
Presenting Presentations: How to Build Effective Presentations
Innovation Hub: The Future of Admin Work: as Your Trusty AI Sidekick
Demystifying AI: Empowering Administrative Professionals
Keynote: Reaffirming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – How Difference Can Make a Difference
How to Position Yourself as an EA Influencer with LinkedIn
Learning Project Management from a Pizzeria
Innovation Hub: Elevate Your Scheduling with AI
Thought Leader Session: A Fireside Chat with Wema Hoover and DEIB Award Winner
Strategic Scheduling: Advanced Calendar Planning Techniques for Assistants
Keynote: Unstoppable Resilience: Staying Strong During any Challenge
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