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Get PACE Certified

Maximize your APC training experience with the PACE Exam Prep Course!


More credibility
A stronger resume
Higher earning power

Maximize your APC training experience with PACE Certification! Take advantage of this once a year opportunity to prepare for the PACE Exam in a live instructor-led class. Then, following the class, you can take the PACE Exam right there while you are onsite at APC or wait and take it later. Your choice!

Choose from 3 PACE Certification exam options:

  • Immediately following the prep class on a traditional paper exam. (Grading will take a few days and you will be notified via email.)

  • Immediately following the prep class on your own personal laptop. (Get results right away.)

  • Later, when you return to your office and feel ready to take the exam on-line.

You will have a total of 3 chances to take the 120 question, multiple choice exam, within 1 year of receiving access to the PACE Certification Portal.

What is PACE?

As you know, being an assistant is more than your job. It’s your profession. That’s why earning your Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE) is an important step forward in your career. PACE is a prestigious accreditation that demonstrates to employers, colleagues and the world,  the breadth of your professional knowledge and your commitment to continuing professional development.

Prepare for and take the PACE Exam whenever and wherever you want! Enroll in PACE online

“In addition to providing an educational format to increase my knowledge and skill levels, adding the PACE Letters after my name will boost my credibility and respect factor — not to mention the career opportunities it can help open.”

Sarah Beattie, PACE, Executive Assistant at Lee Financial

“Being PACE Certified shows management that I am serious about my career and now I am more knowledgeable in all areas relating to my job!”

Kimberly Maine, PACE, Mission Support Assistant

“Completing the PACE program made me feel accomplished, and I now proudly display the PACE certification seal on my LinkedIn profile. I believe this at least partly responsible for the number of new connections that are seeking me out with career growth opportunities.”

Monica Yanda, PACE, Executive Assistant

TERMS: You will receive your PACE study materials when you register for the on-site PACE course, but access to the exam will not be granted until your payment is received in full. If you cancel your APC Conference registration for any reason, your PACE Certification will be transferred to the online version of the PACE Certification. No refunds will be given for PACE Certification.

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