Microsoft Loop: The New Admin Multitool

Oct 28 2024

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM MT

Edu Session Room 3

In the modern collaborative environment, we all have thousands of emails, documents, notes, and messages flying around in Teams, Outlook, and other applications. Keeping up with the notes, tasks, and other working elements is getting more and more difficult. Now, we have a new tool to help us –Microsoft Loop. Integrating with Outlook, Teams, files, notebooks, and more, it lets a resourceful admin monitor action items, meeting agendas, and more and collaborate on them with executives and teammates.

Topics include:

  • Adding a Loop agenda to collaborate before, during, and after Teams meetings
  • Keeping a dynamic task list that can be edited in Teams and Outlook
  • Creating a Loop workspace for collaborative note-taking
  • Planning an information management strategy for your team


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