Strategic Engagement: Mastering Your Role in Leadership Discussions

Oct 28 2024

9:15 AM - 10:45 AM MT

Deep Dive Room 4

Join us for an enriching session tailored for top-level executive assistants operating within the C-suite. In this dynamic workshop, we will delve into advanced strategies and essential skills for navigating the complex landscape of executive support with finesse and effectiveness. Trust and communication serve as the foundation upon which collaboration is built, while embracing differences and fostering flexibility and adaptability are essential for tailoring collaboration to meet diverse needs.  

The biggest distraction for top executives is relationships, making it imperative for executive assistants to excel in building relationships up, down, and across the organization. This session will showcase practical techniques and proven methods for mastering relationship-building in all directions, enabling you to become an invaluable asset to your executive and the broader leadership team. 

From cultivating a leadership mindset to mastering self-leadership and enhancing communication skills, this session covers a range of topics designed to elevate your performance and impact as a top-level executive assistant. Get ready to learn new insights and proven strategies, and propel your career forward in the dynamic world of C-suite support. 


  • Leadership Mindset and Self-Leadership: Develop a mindset that embraces accountability, resilience, and growth, while mastering self-leadership techniques to navigate challenges effectively and lead with confidence.
  • Leadership Communication: Enhance your communication skills to articulate your ideas and insights in meetings with top executives, ensuring your voice is heard and respected in shaping business decisions.
  • Embracing Differences and Bridging Gaps: Develop skills to embrace diversity and bridge gaps in perspectives, fostering inclusive collaboration that leverages differences to drive innovation and success.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Cultivate flexibility and adaptability to navigate change and uncertainty, adjusting seamlessly to evolving circumstances and opportunities for growth. 


- International Speaker, Career Coach & Best-Selling Author

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