Leadership: From Curiosity to Growth

It is great to be curious about the latest leadership trends and to consider the behaviors of stellar leaders, but how do you actually apply those and grow? Explore the ten most sought-after leadership attributes in the world today. Not surprisingly, a leader’s technical ability and intellectual prowess aren’t what makes them exceptional when it […]

Showcase Presentation: A Seat at the Table – 7 Keys to Catapulting Your Career

If you are ambitious, assertive and desire to earn your seat at the leadership table, don’t miss this presentation! Sometimes, the skills that served you well earlier in your career will require a different lens or a “new” way of getting the job done, helping you modify behaviors that can enhance your credibility, increase your […]

The Adventure Games Challenge

Workshop* The Adventure Games Challenge explores an exciting destination location and engages everyone in friendly competition—all while developing the valuable skills of strategic planning, time management, engaged creativity, individual and team-think, interpersonal communications, collaboration under pressure, and risk assessment. This 3-hour active workshop builds connection as newly formed teams go up against one another to […]

How to Onboard New Colleagues (Even Executives!)

Workshop* EAs and admins are often asked to help train new admins and help new executives settle into their role”. But many find themselves winging it – with no admin-specific or EA-Executive partnership onboarding guidance provided to them. Without proper support for newcomers at their start, they’re less likely to adapt smoothly to their role, […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder in Excel

Advanced Workshop* If your work in Excel seems to be a tedious, never-ending series of clicks, this class is for you. If you play by ‘The Rules of Excel,’ there are dozens of tools that work with only a click or two, helping you enter, manage, analyze, and visualize data with very little effort. Not […]

Project Management 201: Advanced Tips for Successful Execution

Advanced Workshop* You’re not new to executing projects, and you are ready to take your skills to the next level. Discover how to avoid the common mistakes that hinder the success of any project. Learn what risk assessment is and why it matters–when do you need a Plan B? Explore strategies for getting recognition for […]

Workshop Lunch

Lunch is provided for all Value Pass holders attending workshops Wednesday afternoon

Leadership from the Inside Out

Leaders improve when their mindset and actions are aligned. Dr. E shares a unique formula to mastering mindset and corresponding actions to become a better leader in your personal and professional lives. Individuals can learn to model behavioral leadership that is authentic to one’s personality and benefits team communication and organizational growth. By discovering self-awareness, […]

Leadership in a Multigenerational Environment

Advanced For the first time in history, five generations are working side by side. Each generation brings a unique lens to the world and distinct work philosophy. This phenomenon presents challenges, but also opportunities! Generational diversity demands attention. It impacts employee communications, work styles, belonging, engagement, and team effectiveness. Without knowledge and skills on multigenerational […]