Canceled- Spotlight Session: Corporate Gift Card Products and Solutions: How to Choose the Perfect Vendor Partner to Fit Your Needs

Sponsored by Telos/Perfect Gift Are you tasked with finding a reliable vendor/partner who can provide a corporate gifting solution and user-friendly product of customizable gift card options? You will gain a refreshed perspective of personalized gift cards, how they work and why they are chosen over other incentive or recognition products. has a rich […]

Spotlight Session: How to be Gifted at Gifting

Sponsored by Spoonful of Comfort Come learn about best practices in corporate gifting. We will discuss what you should and shouldn’t do and how to send gifts that match your company’s mission and your intention. Come find new ways to set yourself apart through your gifts! Speaker: Anne Cummins, Director of Business Development and Strategic […]

Spotlight Session: Let’s Talk Tickets & Registration

Sponsored by Event Finders “Can you find tickets for me? A common question we have all been asked. Sometimes it strikes fear and others have a whole process. Live events such as sports, concerts, and theater can be a great asset for any business. Plus company events such – conferences, seminars, tradeshows etc. From business […]

Spotlight Session: The New Age of Notarization – Learn How to go Virtual!

Sponsored by Cyberize It, LLC “Online (or Virtual) notarization has been available for more than 10 years; however, with the onset of the pandemic, it has become much more accessible. This presentation will help you understand what virtual notarization is, how it can help you with your daily struggles, and demonstrate how easy the process […]

Spotlight Session: How to Win at Holiday Gifting

Sponsored by Goody “For many EAs and administrative professionals, the holiday season brings with it the pressure to gift dozens or even hundreds of colleagues, clients and business partners. It’s not an easy job. Admins must navigate budgeting, toilsome logistics and tracking, tacky, impersonal and “corporate” gift options, and picky recipients. Goody, the #1 gifting […]

Spotlight Session: Standardize, Organize, Optimize

Sponsored by Vexa Software Learn tips to effectively use templates, tools, and other resources to enhance your proficiency and increase productivity. By standardizing work habits, organizing/automating tasks and priorities effectively, and optimizing your resources learn how to save yourself time and effort. EAs have multiple demands on our time throughout the day, hear tried and […]

Optimizing Your Role in a Hybrid World

Workshop* For many assistants, working in the office from Monday to Friday will be a thing of the past. As offices reopen, many are turning to a hybrid model that allows people to work in the office some days and at home for others. While being able to work remotely offers more flexibility, there’s going […]

Spotlight Session: Careers Representing America

Sponsored by US Department of State “Careers Representing America” will be an information/educational session to highlight some of the public service/career opportunities in the U.S. Department of State. The U.S. Department of State is the Federal government’s leading foreign affairs agency that works to shape and sustain a peaceful, prosperous, just, and democratic world and […]