October 27-30, 2024 / Gaylord Rockies / Aurora, CO


The One Day MBA*

Oct 22 2023

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM MT

*Premium or Summit Pass purchase required

Could you benefit from a better understanding of the fundamentals of organizational business objectives, the landscape in front of your executive team, and your role as a strategic partner and force multiplier? We’ll share the practical and theoretical concepts from MBA courses that are most relevant for administrative professionals. Level up and adopt the thoughts and behaviors that make your role bring more value. Examine organizational frameworks, business models, and strategies that drive performance. Dig into what executives focus on, prioritize, and drive towards; what they worry about and protect the organization from, and how they approach running the organization and make decisions. Walk away a more resourceful and influential assistant – better able to get things done quickly and effectively and to “head things off at the pass” for your executive. This workshop is hands-on; you will participate in interactive exercises and decision-making simulations.
*Disclosure: you will not actually earn an MBA

Learning Objectives:
Greater business acumen to more astutely follow business conversations, goals and decision-making.
A better understanding of all areas of business operations — their interconnectedness and their impact on organizational needs (both short-term & long-term.)
Deeper knowledge of the various roles and responsibilities within the C-suite, what executives are tasked with and must accomplish for the organization.
An enhanced ability to anticipate business needs, think analytically and preempt obstacles before they emerge; problem solving and delivering results for your executive.

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