October 27-30, 2024 / Gaylord Rockies / Aurora, CO


Tuning Up Your Team: Cultivating High Performance

Oct 23 2023

1:30 PM - 2:45 PM MT

This session, will explore the secrets behind cultivating high performance within your team, providing insight on how to lead your team from good to great! Drawing from the latest research in organizational psychology, we’ll examine the factors that drive team success and a culture of high performance. We’ll also delve into the neuroscience of motivation, exploring the power of intrinsic motivation and the role it plays in driving performance.

You will walk away knowing how to:

  • Identify common obstacles to high team performance and learn strategies for overcoming them.
  • Understand the role of leadership in creating a culture of high performance and identify specific actions you can take to lead your team to success.
  • Apply the concepts and strategies learned in the session to your own team and develop an action plan for improving performance.
  • Collaborate and share insights with other session participants to learn from their experiences and gain new perspectives on team performance.
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