Canceled- Spotlight Session: Corporate Gift Card Products and Solutions: How to Choose the Perfect Vendor Partner to Fit Your Needs

Sponsored by Telos/Perfect Gift Are you tasked with finding a reliable vendor/partner who can provide a corporate gifting solution and user-friendly product of customizable gift card options? You will gain a refreshed perspective of personalized gift cards, how they work and why they are chosen over other incentive or recognition products. has a rich […]

Spotlight Session: How to be Gifted at Gifting

Sponsored by Spoonful of Comfort Come learn about best practices in corporate gifting. We will discuss what you should and shouldn’t do and how to send gifts that match your company’s mission and your intention. Come find new ways to set yourself apart through your gifts! Speaker: Anne Cummins, Director of Business Development and Strategic […]

Spotlight Session: Let’s Talk Tickets & Registration

Sponsored by Event Finders “Can you find tickets for me? A common question we have all been asked. Sometimes it strikes fear and others have a whole process. Live events such as sports, concerts, and theater can be a great asset for any business. Plus company events such – conferences, seminars, tradeshows etc. From business […]

Spotlight Session: Standardize, Organize, Optimize

Sponsored by Vexa Software Learn tips to effectively use templates, tools, and other resources to enhance your proficiency and increase productivity. By standardizing work habits, organizing/automating tasks and priorities effectively, and optimizing your resources learn how to save yourself time and effort. EAs have multiple demands on our time throughout the day, hear tried and […]

Executive Communication Skills: Building Harmony, Trust & Influence

Your future growth and success don’t really rely on your administrative skills so much as on working with others effectively – and the tools that you need for that are communication skills. You’ll enhance those skills when you begin with an understanding of how our behavioral tendencies shape how we communicate and how we conduct […]

Champions in the Chaos: Strategies for Success in a Disrupted World

Organizations and individuals that thrive in a season of disruption do so based on a mindset, a methodology, and the right motive. That combination of intention and implementation is what Steven calls the C.H.A.O.S. Code. Regardless of the type of disruption you encounter – innovation, competition, quarantines, or complacency – your capacity to win is […]

Panel Discussion: Developing an Administrative Advancement Program

Many companies employ a variety of administrative professionals, yet do not have an internal advancement or career development path for them like they do for other roles. An APC attendee recognized that gap at her company and spotlighted to leadership how it could positively impact their employees and the company’s ability to retain good talent […]

Create and Nurture Powerful Networks

Contrary to what many believe, creating a professional network by connecting with others doesn’t have to be awkward or uncomfortable. A network consists of people working together to help one another accomplish goals. Networking is about connecting with your peers in order to share information, expertise, or resources.  Donna’s fun, highly engaging, and dynamic session […]