Roundtable Discussion: Create Your APC Squad & Build Lasting Support

Come learn how a group of ingenious attendees developed their very own APC Squad! After meeting at APC, a group of dynamic executive and administrative support professionals who work for global brands has been reconnecting and meeting as a group at APC each year.  Join them for an open dialogue about how they created a […]

Unleash Your Global Mindset

The world where we do business continues to change. Globalization is our reality and this is your call to action!  Many locally and regionally-based companies have a global presence requiring their employees, and especially their leadership partners, to develop a global mindset. With the world more connected, individuals who want to succeed must learn to […]

Burnout: Sources, Signs, and Solutions

We’ve all had days at work when we felt “stressed out.” What’s the difference between being stressed out and being burned out? Prominent researchers and psychologists have identified the typical stages of the journey to burnout. As a result, there are signs that we can use to gauge burnout in ourselves and others. When needed, […]

Leading Change in a Changing World

Whether leading or supporting change efforts, your effectiveness will be dominated by your ability to communicate with your team, stakeholders, and the management team regularly. How can you be sure they are getting the message and buying in? Leadership and communication techniques evolve just as people do. This engaging program will leave you with techniques […]

Understanding and Managing Stakeholder Needs in a Diverse Organization

Advanced Organizations are becoming increasingly diverse at all levels, including senior leadership. With these societal progressions comes the need for increased focus on equity, accessibility, inclusion, and belonging. It is more important now than ever that executive business partners know how to navigate diverse organizational landscapes and develop meaningful relationships with key decision-makers. Learning Objectives: […]

Landing the Interview: Dynamic Job Search Strategies

Job Boards. LinkedIn. Networking. Career Fairs. Staffing Firms. Recruiters. Headhunters. Mobile apps. There are hundreds of ways to find a job today. Create your very own customized step-by-step job search strategic plan: identify your target companies, your good network contacts, and the best job boards to maximize your options. With a solid foundation and key […]

Microsoft 365 – New and Upcoming Features

Advanced Are you using Microsoft 365 at work? Microsoft 365 keeps rolling out new features monthly. Learn from an Office Insider who has the opportunity to see new features still in development. In this session, we will look at recently rolled out features and unique features available in the next few months. We’ll be sure […]

Stop Procrastinating & Start Producing: 10 Strategies to Maximize your Productivity

Procrastination is a habit that everyone experiences. It’s a pricey form of self-sabotage that can prevent you from finishing important projects, accomplishing big goals, and enjoying the results of a job well done. If you’ve been putting off important work, this presentation teaches participants essential strategies to outsmart procrastination and enjoy productive workdays. Learning Objectives: […]

Project Manager to Project Motivator

Advanced As a project lead, instead of just managing tasks, wouldn’t it be great to be able to really motivate your team and stakeholders? Uncover the secrets of strengths-based project management as an experienced project manager walks you through practical ideas and real-world examples on how to become a project motivator. Hear how to implement […]