2023 Speaker

Shola Richards

Shola Richards

CEO and Founder of Go Together Global™, best-selling author of Making Work Work, and Go Together

Shola Richards transformed a personal tragedy – a failed suicide attempt – into a powerful mission to help reverse a common workplace trend of bullying and toxicity. He developed the Go Together™ Movement, which provides a roadmap for organizations to shift their workplace cultures and drive sustainable productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.

Drawing from his own experience, Richards helps organizations build compassion, competence, and accountability in the workplace, using the Go Together™ framework. He has shared his insights and research in global forums, and his work is focused on addressing the plight of sixty-five million people in the U.S. alone who face workplace bullying and toxicity. Ultimately, his goal is to transform workplace cultures, making them more supportive and healthier places for everyone.

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