The Trends Defining Events in 2025

Gain key insights, examples, and actionable ways to plan better events in 2025. This session will provide you with the tools to be in tune with what attendees want from events today: technology, AI, activations, engagement. Learn from the best case studies from the top events in the industry. Interactive activity:  Interactive activity: Small group discussion and […]

Part 3: Execution Excellence & Post-Event Analysis – Ensuring Success Every Step of the Way (Executing, Monitoring, and Closing)

Learning Objectives: Vendor Collaboration and Coordination: Effectively communicate with vendors, negotiate contracts, and ensure seamless execution of services. Feedback Loop Implementation: Establish mechanisms for collecting feedback from attendees and stakeholders, facilitating continuous improvement. Documentation Best Practices: Emphasize the importance of comprehensive record-keeping and documentation for future reference and accountability.  Interactive Activity: Group discussion and case […]

Part 2: Strategic Planning & Implementation – Turning Vision into Action (Planning)

Learning Objectives:  Budgeting for Success: Develop a comprehensive event budget covering all essential expenses and/contingencies. Strategic Marketing and Promotion: Devise innovative strategies to promote the event, leveraging digital platforms and traditional marketing channels. Logistics Mastery: Execute flawless logistics and operations planning, ensuring seamless execution from setup to breakdown.  Interactive Activity: Scenario-based role-playing exercises to simulate […]

Part 1: Event Vision & Strategy – Setting the Stage for Success (Initiation)

Learning Objectives: Crafting Event Objectives and Goals: Develop clear and measurable goals and objectives for the event, aligning with the overall organizational strategy. Timeline and Milestones Design: Create a dynamic timeline outlining key milestones and deadlines, ensuring a structured approach to event planning. Evaluation Criteria Establishment: Define criteria for assessing event success, incorporating attendee feedback […]

AI Fluency: Bridging Technology and Business Communications

Uncover the fundamentals of AI that will elevate your business communication. The session provides an overview of AI tools and technologies that are reshaping professional interactions, offering insights on how these can be leveraged to improve efficiency, accuracy, and engagement in daily tasks. Attendees will explore the synergy between AI and human creativity to craft […]

Practical Practice: Presenting to Leaders

Step into the spotlight with confidence and take your presentation skills to new heights! This session will help you make a lasting impact in high-stakes situations. You’ll hone your ability to communicate effectively in front of leaders and other groups, especially when time is of the essence. Through practical exercises and constructive peer feedback, you’ll […]

Productivity Powerhouse: A Gateway to Strategic Communication

Discover how to escape the cycle of constant busyness and refocus on driving strategic initiatives forward. Learn to elevate your tech skills, streamline your daily workflows, and create the bandwidth needed to concentrate on high-value tasks. By improving technical habits and productivity, you can transform your role into a hub of strategic impact.  Harness technology […]

Business Writing: Beyond the Basics

Take your business writing skills from functional to phenomenal! This session will guide you through the nuances of effective business writing and help ensure your communications are not only received but truly understood and acted upon. Enhance your credibility by crafting clear, compelling, and impactful written communications that drive results and foster a culture of […]

PARTNER: Cross-functional Administrative “Teaming”

This workshop will focus on the background philosophy and practical steps for implementing a high-functioning Executive Operations Cohort at your own place of work. Align, amplify, and accelerate administrative talent through collective advocacy, while showcasing bottom line business value to leadership through business administration project partnership.  Key Takeaways: Practical steps to become an ally and […]

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